We know the cannabis market. We know the tobacco market. Which means we know CBD cigarettes better than anyone.

HEMPYS™ has two types of competitors. We’re better than both.

HEMPYS™ competes against hemp prerolls (joints, jays, doobies, etc.) and hemp cigarettes. Hemp prerolls will never transition over to the mass-market. Why? Because they’re “too druggy looking” for most people. Even if consumers were willing to buy hemp prerolls, it’s inconceivable that any convenience store chain would carry a product that looks exactly like a marijuana preroll.

And what about our hemp cigarette competitors?

They’re weak because they either come out of the cannabis industry or the tobacco industry, or neither. They’re limited by their experience to understanding just one side of the target consumer equation. This causes them to make fundamental mistakes pertaining to consumer insights, packaging, pricing, positioning, formulations, and more. They make mistakes that expose them to existential regulatory risk, as well as mistakes on mundane but important details like color and imagery—often it is too much like tobacco, not enough like cannabis.

Bottom line?

Other hemp brands come out of either the tobacco or the cannabis industries. They don’t understand the who, when, why, or how-it’s-used of CBD cigarettes.
So they make mistakes on pricing, packaging, marketing, formulations, etc.

But our backgrounds are in both cannabis and tobacco.

We understand the target consumer and why, when, and how they use the product. We make the right decisions on pricing, packaging, marketing, and formulations.