Meet O.G. Reefer. Wait. You’ve already met.

O.G. Reefer isn’t a man. O.G. Reefer is a movement. A calling. A crusade.

O.G. Reefer is as old as humans and hemp. And as new as the HEMPYS™ you’re holding in your hand. Simply put, the history of cannabis in America IS the heritage of O.G. Reefer.

You might say O.G. Reefer was born on 4/20/1937.

That’s when a few courageous people tried to stop the prohibition of cannabis and hemp by the likes of Harry Anslinger, William Randolf Hearst, Lammot du Pont and Andrew Mellon. In that sinister world of black hats, O.G. Reefer wore a white Fedora. The good guys, fighting the good fight. And through the decades, O.G. Reefer has never rested.

  • The white Fedora was spotted in the jazz clubs of Harlem, bringing musical inspiration to a nation starved for happiness in the war-torn 40s.
  • O.G Reefer battled the Boggs Act of 1951, working to curb the cannabis sentencing and criminalization brought on by more black hats.
  • In the 60s, O.G. Reefer was central to the Summer of Love that spread from San Francisco to Woodstock. And what looks better than a tie-dyed t-shirt with a white Fedora?
  • The white hats cried, “Cover-up,” in 1972 when President Richard Nixon buried a study—commissioned by his adminstration— that recommended the decriminalization of weed.
  • In the 80’s O.G. Reefer was resolutely saying “ Yes,” while Nancy Reagan was preaching, “Just say no.”
  • In 1996, O.G. Reefer was in California, canvassing the signatures that legalized medical marijuana, marking the beginning of the end for the black hats.
  • And the white hats prevailed in 2012; winning the popular vote and legalizing adult-use marijuana in Colorado and Washington. This paved the way for the 2018 Farm Bill and the birth of HEMPYS™ CBD cigarettes.

So who is O.G. Reefer?
O.G. Reefer is you. O.G. Reefer is me. And more importantly, O.G. Reefer is us. Fighting the injustice of marijuana laws since 1937. Battling mindsets and biases that are grounded in untruths. Striving for medicinal knowledge that comes from new research. And working for the recreational use that takes the edge off the day.

We are O.G. Reefer. All for one and one for all. So be strong. Be courageous. Be a force for good. And a catalyst for change. Hang tough. Stick together. And always wear your white Fedora. For we are the good guys, my friends.