$10B market. Newly legal. No brands yet. No FDA jurisdiction. Interested?

Hemp is now a legal consumer packaged good that has only just begun a meteoric rise. Tobacco industry observers agree that “smokable hemp is flying off the shelves” and that “CBD is where e-cigs was just a few years ago.” Confirm this for yourself; visit your local convenience stores, tobacco outlets, head shops and, increasingly, even drug stores and grocery stores. You’ll see shelves full of hemp/CBD products. This trend is real, it’s huge, and it’s here to stay.

HEMPYS™ CBD cigarettes are perfectly positioned at a critical market juncture: the death of the tobacco era and the birth of the hemp/CBD era. The O.G. Reefer Co. will profit handsomely from this massive market transition.

Tobacco cigarette smokers, whether due to health choices, or forced by bans and taxes, are seeking substitutes. We’ve already seen one market transition away from tobacco combustion to a substitute product: from tobacco combustion to nicotine vapor. In 10 years, electronic cigarettes catapulted to $9B. Despite the torrid growth of the e-cig market and despite the obvious benefits of the vapor delivery system, most consumers still prefer tobacco smoking over vaping.  14% of adults are still ‘confirmed smokers’; they are stubbornly sticking with combustion.

Clearly, smoking isn’t just about the nicotine. If smoking were solely about nicotine delivery, everyone would have quit smoking decades ago in favor of alternate delivery systems. So why do confirmed smokers refuse to give up combustion? There are practical reasons: the alternatives can be pricey, complex, unfamiliar, etc. But the real drivers are the primal reasons. Smoking provides confirmed smokers with a host of tactile, sensory, evocative, self-identification, social, ceremonial, and even ‘tribal’ inputs and outputs that only a combustion delivery system can replicate.

HEMPYS satisfy every pain-point for tobacco smokers.



Watch CFN Media interview Patrick O’Malley, CEO of The O.G. Reefer Co., at NCIA June 2019.